Asia Golden Bridge was established in 1998 as privet Company with main goal of distributing and supplying

medical and health care products across Iran. We are happy to announce that since 2006 we are the one

of leading distributors in region. We already distribute 135 different medical devices products with

variety of sizes and models which form our basket with almost 500 products.

we proud to  supply of  600 hospitals  almost 3600 pharmacies and 1000 dental clinics in country.

1-Warehouse: 8600 sq ft

        2-Cold storage: 850 sq ft

        3-Stuff: 32 person (sales person)

        4-Vehicles: 4 trucks, 2 mini van

        5- Medical Specialist stuff: 1 general surgeon, 1 Dentist


       6-Market : Iran , CIS countries


       Advantage points of company

       1- Young professional motivated staff
       2- Large product basket
       3- Loyal customers
       4- Distribution branches across country
       5- Scientific marketing